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One of the undeniable advantages of New Zealand is the presence of many picturesque places, visiting which brightens up your student days. But without a car to get to them a little more difficult, so if you have not yet purchased transportation, its rental will be a great solution. In addition, rent a car is also used when moving from one city to another. Especially since renting a car in New Zealand is relatively inexpensive, and the presence of many rentals gives a wide choice of both prices and conditions.

Documents required to rent a car:

ID card

Usually, you can only rent a car if you are over the age of 21. If you are younger, and you need to take the car, then do not worry, some rentals allow you to rent a car from 18 years old, but the cost of rental will be more expensive.

Driver’s license

If you don’t already have a New Zealand driver’s license, you will need one with a certified English translation. If you already have a New Zealand driver’s license, it will be an ID card in addition to everything else.

Bank card

A bank card is not only needed to pay for the service. Companies require the details of the card, which will be attached to the booking in case you are later charged for any unforeseen expenses incurred during the rental.

Traveling from one island to another

Some rental companies do not allow their cars to be transported by ferry between islands.

But in this case, it is possible for the company to provide you with a car on each island. That is, you will leave one car, for example, in Wellington on the North Island, take a ferry to the South Island, and then pick up another car from Picton.

If you are not sure whether the car rental company allows you to transport your car across the islands, it is better to contact them and ask for this information before you decide to rent a car.

If you don’t turn in your car on time

The penalty for returning your car late can be quite high, depending on which car rental company you work with. Some rental companies may be lenient if you’re half an hour late, but again, it’s best to check before you sign a contract. Rental requirements can vary from firm to firm, as can prices.

The main thing to remember is that the roads in New Zealand may differ from those you are used to, as well as the rules of the road. Therefore, before traveling, it is not superfluous to learn the peculiarities of driving in New Zealand and the system of fines.