All our vehicles come with our free “Risky Business” Insurance Option (excess $2500). We offer and strongly recommend the Insurance Excess Reduction (IER) option “No Worries Mate” this reduces your excess to $0, it just makes everything a little easier and a lot less stressful while you have the vehicle.


In New Zealand there is no compulsory third party insurance. This means that although your vehicle is insured other vehicles on the road are not. If you have an accident, no matter who is at fault, we will hold your excess as a bond.


Please note that some accidents can take 3-6 months or even longer to sort. This can be beyond our control and standard with all rental car companies. The good news is if you have taken the “No Worries Mate” IER the excess is $0 (provided you are within the terms and conditions of the contract).


If the damage costs less than the excess then we will refund you the difference, once the claim has been settled.


Here is a bit of a breakdown on the insurance options.


Risky Business


You are covered for damage to the vehicle and any third-party damage with a $2500 excess (even if it’s not your fault). Unfortunately, in New Zealand Third Party Insurance is not compulsory, so you will still have to pay the excess even if the damage is not your fault.


Middle of the Road


Middle of the Road Insurance reduces your liability to only $350. Middle of the Road Insurance excludes Windscreens and Tyres but includes damage such as a major traffic accident, or someone bumping into you at the supermarket.


No Worries Mate


No Worries Mate Insurance reduces your liability to $0 yes that’s right you pay nothing (provided you are within the terms and conditions of the contract). This is what we recommend and what we use when we are travelling. No Worries Mate means you are fully covered for Windscreens, Tyres, and any accidents to the rental vehicle and any third party while the vehicle is on hire.


Additional Insurance information


  • To hire an Epic Rental Car, all that's needed is a credit card and a full valid driver's licence.
  • A credit card pre-authorisation of the bond amount is required if you go with the “Risky Business” or “Middle of the Road” insurance options.
  • Debit cards cannot be used for pre-authorisation. Please ensure you have a credit card present on pick up.
  • If you choose to upgrade your insurance to the “No Worries Mate” option, then the excess will not be authorised.
  • The cost of any additional insurance, and the amount of the reduced insurance excess will be shown when you request a quote or make a booking online. The option to purchase Insurance Excess Reduction is available at the time of booking, or on the day of your vehicle hire.
  • If you have an accident, the excess amount must be paid regardless of who is at fault. If the cost of the damage is lower than the excess, the difference will be refunded to you once the claim has been processed.
  • Misuse and/or damage to any accessories hired with Epic Rentals are not covered by insurance.
  • If the rental agreement terms and conditions are breached your insurance may be void.